TTT (throwbacktopthursday)


This has definitely been the warmest winter I’ve experienced from what I can recall. I wouldn’t THINK of wearing a top that has a sliver of my stomach out in February. However, I did given the extremely warm temps we’ve been having in the DC area lately.

About a week ago, I wore this top that happens to be a major throwback!! I purchased the top when I use to work in retail (check in clothing details below for store). This top was SUPER popular, I remember we couldn’t keep it in stock. Not only could we not keep it in stock but it was also offered in short sleeve option. This top is one of my favorite throwback pieces, every time I wear it I get plenty of compliments. It can be worn so many different ways, with a shrug, under a jacket, or over a shirt. OPTIONS galore!!!

If you have one also, please share how you still rock it. If you gave it away, share why. I’m sure glad I didn’t get rid of it!!! Do you have a “Style Jones” for this TT (throwback top)?


Shrug (green and brown print, knit ): Arden B. (store closed)

Strapless top (green, cotton): Arden B. (store closed)

Jeans (blue, denim): Joes Jeans (check out more from this brand in link below)

Shoes (brown, suede and leather): Nine West ( check out more high heel oxfords in link below)

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